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Why are they so special? Ever since they came into our lives, we have learnt there's more to life than just us human beings. Dogs as a species were here on earth well before man and most likely will be well after we as a human race have expired, if we dont kill off every living thing that God has created on this earth before that...

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Amber_Mae, Faith and Chloe - Pedigree Golden Retriever, Dalmatian and White Golden Retreiver are the loves of our lives and nothing can or will ever replace them. No other dogs could. We could never imagine our lives without their presence, their barks, their loving nature, their warm friendly smiles, their periodical bouts of playfulness, their strength, their resilience, their steadfastness and their unconditional love for us.

I for one, could never imagine a world without dogs. A world without these dogs. Which dog lover could? And for those who have yet to experience the wonderful world of canines is missing a hell of alot.

We dedicate this blog and the next few to them. To our three Furketeers. May they live forever!

All-for-one and One-for-all!


Hello! My name is Amber_Mae. I am a pedigree Golden Retriever. I have won several trophies and I am probably one of the only Goldens in Malaysia who can dance a good dance. Im one of a kind!.

My two wonderful, loving "sisters", Faith and Chloe are slowly picking up with some nifty dance moves. I am sure sooner or later, they too will be strutting their "stuff"!.


Please dont forget to go to our Pet Home Boarding Site and let me know if you need to board your furbaby for one or a few days.

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Our prices are reasonable . If you wanna read more about me and what Ive done in my life so far please dont hesitate to log into my own personal BlogPage

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Ohh...before I forget, please dont forget to click onto my Masters's Blogpage when youre done here okay?.

Thanks a million barks!

Some Homemade Vids of our Furketeers

Vid:Field Play Number One

Vid:Field Play Number Two

Vid: Playing Catch at F.R.I.M (Johnsons & Johnsons Advert Shoot) A "final-cut copy" which we have yet to recieve from a Miss Chong!

Vid: Our furketeers in action again!

Vid: Water play!